Jump to the Side

I’m in league with any woman who can keep more than one romance alive at a time. I’ve known readers who had several novels going at the same time. That bothers me.

Just the thought of reading more than one novel at a time makes me feel dirty. It is an act of literary infidelity. I’m not one to judge (of course, I am!), but when a reader engages with a protagonist, there is an agreement to bond until the end of the novel for better or worse.

I have also had a hard time writing more project at a time. However (here we go), I have been attempting to because I have more time to write than ever before. I’ve been working on a future Pulitzer prize for an eternity (if two years qualifies as an eternity).

All this is to say, we’ll leave the rich witch and the village people (haha! I amuse myself again!) to jump to this side of serious in the next story.

Introduction to Jumping to the Side

Where are the people who knew her when she was healthy? She moved on to the next town, the next state, the next adventure. Leaving them behind, she didn’t know what to say to stay in touch or didn’t want to. Now the adventure is bridging lost words across broken neurons.

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